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At Vessel X, we are passionate about empowering marine and coastal ecosystems to sustainably manage, protect and foster a healthy environment. Vessel X is working to realize all of these with artificial intelligence and autonomous technology.

İzmir, Turkey

Open to investment offers
Sector Smart Transportation
Stage Prototype/MVP
Employee Count 4-10
Is Incorporated? Yes
Operating Status Alive/Active
Foundation Date September 20, 2022
Uygulayıcı Kuruluşlar Legal Name -



Competitive Advantage

This comparison highlights the distinctions between the technologies, with Vatoz standing out in terms of autonomous operation, larger area coverage, swarm organization, path optimization, and dedicated navigation software.

Detailed Info

Revenue Model Description

Vessel X's revenue model is based on selling a combination of products and services. We will primarily sell the Vatoz autonomous water surface cleaning and data collection units to customers in various industries, addressing their immediate need for effective water surface cleaning and environmental monitoring. In addition to the product sales, we will offer subscription-based services to provide ongoing maintenance, technical support, and regular updates to ensure the optimal performance of the Vatoz units. This subscription model will enable customers to benefit from continuous improvements and updates to the technology, ensuring that their investment remains relevant and efficient over time.

Target Group

Port and Marines Market (Beachhead)